End of Year Letter to Parents from Teacher

By | December 3, 2016

The end of the year draws nigh and you just said goodbye to a million little rascals you’ve taught for a year. Some of them, if not all, have little places in your heart. As everything is winding up, it’s time to write a letter to the parents who were cooperative or whose children you’ve particularly enjoyed teaching, to let them know that it is the relation between teachers and parents that holds everything together. They are the two pillars that support the education of the next generation, the future, on their shoulders. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while drafting such a letter.

Their involvement is key
Let the parents know that the more they are involved in their child’s education the more their child can flourish. Thank the parents that understand this and inform the parents who don’t know this. It is crucial that they attend all the PTA meetings, the soccer practice, the recitals and any school activities that concern their child. Let them know how the help of just one parent in a school play or planning a school dance can go a long way. The gap needs a bridge and that bridge is awareness which you can spread.

Give them a summary of the year
Tell them how that little kid of theirs has matured under your care and is no longer the scared little kid you received a year ago. Tell them the obstacles their child had faced; the bullies and the exams and most importantly, tell them what their child needs from them; areas with room for improvement you’ve noticed throughout the year. This is key information to share with them.

Thank them for their help
Usually parents are portrayed as irate and furious figures who only see flaws and only have complaints but that’s not always the case. There are cooperative parents, who honestly believe in collaboration with their kids’ teachers. These parents deserve to be appreciated so that this helpful mindset is encouraged. A little thank you goes a long way.

Here’s a sample end-of-year letter from a teacher to a parent.


End of Year Letter to Parents from Teacher


Sandra Bourne
Class Teacher – Grade 7
St Louis School
584 Walk Drive
South Bend, IN 95887

May 28, 2017

Mr. Gilbert A. Allen
3868 Post Avenue
South Bend, IN 46601


Dear Mr. Gilbert:

First things first, I want to tell you how much I admire the fact that you have raised such a wonderful and smart daughter, being a dedicated father. This is a quality not many fathers have. Samantha is one of my best students. She is confident and has a great sense of humor, which she uses in class quite often.

The attitude you adopt is one I want all parents to start; being present at all parent teacher meetings, helping direct plays and chaperoning school field trips and the senior’s dance. This sort of involvement is instrumental for providing a good school environment for your child. Thank you for being cooperative and working so well with me.

Next year she’ll be starting middle school and she will only see me on certain events in which the schools collaborate. I wish you and Samantha good luck.


Yours sincerely,

Sandra Bourne