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Veterans Day Letter from Students

Paying tribute to veterans who are responsible for making the United States of America a stable country that it is, is something that all US citizens should do. Since Veterans Day is a national holiday, it only goes to show how important this day was a day that marked the end of World War 1.… Read More »

Letter to Teacher from Parent Requesting a Conference

It is only natural that you may require to have an in-depth discussion about your child with their teacher, and there happens to be no parent-teacher meeting coming up. In this case, it is best to schedule your conference with the teacher. It is always better to write a letter, as the first initiative in… Read More »

Letter from Parent to Teacher for Late Homework

It’s not out of the ordinary for your child to not do their homework; however, as a parent it is important to let the teacher know that you’re aware of this, and will handle this accordingly. There’s no more appropriate way than to write a formal letter to your child’s teacher explaining the delay. In… Read More »

Classroom Party Letter to Parents Requesting Food Donations

It’s so wonderful that you’re a room mom or dad, and you’re here looking for tips on writing a classroom party letter asking some amazing parents just like yourself to help by donating food. Nothing like a classroom party to uplift the spirits and performances of students. I must say I envy you, as you… Read More »

Letter for Non-payment of Fees (from School to Parents)

Schools! We need them to educate our children, and they need our support so that they can continue to innovate and provide quality. Schools are products of the altruistic dreams of their owners, and thus you find it beneath you to write stern letters to those unfortunate parents who’ve come into hardship for non-payment of… Read More »

Sample Letter to Parents about Bad Grades

A teacher has a really important role to play in a student’s life; and if a student of hers, under her wings, performs lowly then the rest, both the student and the teacher feels bad about their own performances. And every now and then, sending a letter or communication with the parents would be malleable… Read More »

Letter to Teacher from Parent about Child Absence

School time must be taken seriously. If your child needs to take time off from school because of an illness, or even if you have to take him or her out of the city, you need to let the school know why your child isn’t attending school. While the latter situation is not looked upon… Read More »

Lunch Monitor Interview Questions and Answers

If the thought of appearing for an interview instills fear in you, you need to rethink your coping strategy. Learning to go with the flow is important while preparing for an interview. If you do not pay attention to the preparation part of an interview, your chances of success diminish. Do not let that happen.… Read More »

End of Year Letter from Parent to Teacher

Another year comes to pass and your child is older, stronger, taller and getting ready for the hurdles of the next academic year. What better way to wind up this school year than writing a letter to your child’s teacher, under whose watchful patience your child has grown, learned and flourished so much. Show the… Read More »

End of Year Letter to Parents from Teacher

The end of the year draws nigh and you just said goodbye to a million little rascals you’ve taught for a year. Some of them, if not all, have little places in your heart. As everything is winding up, it’s time to write a letter to the parents who were cooperative or whose children you’ve… Read More »

Thanksgiving Party Letter to Parents from Teacher

Thanksgiving is a great time to reach out to people one has not been in touch with for some time. But Thanksgiving is not just a time for family and friends. Nowadays, it is quite the norm for employers to write to employees, teachers to parents, and coworkers to each other. As a teacher, you… Read More »