Sample Termination Letter due to Absenteeism

By | November 5, 2014

Some official letters must be written even though writing them is an unpleasant task.

This goes especially for termination letters where you need to inform an employee that his services are no longer required.

While terminating someone seems a bit harsh, some circumstances leave us no choice but to ask an employee to leave the company.

Professionalism is highly appreciated in any organization and not respecting it can lead to dire consequences.

While most employers are sympathetic towards employees’ illnesses and personal problems, there are only a set number of leaves that they can allow.

If an employee has been absent without notice or has exhausted his or her leaves quota, he or she may be in great trouble.

Having said that writing termination letters is not the most pleasant of tasks, many employers struggle to word their termination letters correctly.

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If you are also facing this predicament, you may take ideas from the sample termination letter for absenteeism given below:

Sample Termination Letter for Absenteeism

Quentin Tarintino
Human Resources Manager
Solar Solutions
(000) 254-9656

June 13, 2019

Mr. Woody Lloyd
66 Westwood Road
Cleveland, TN 62000

Subject: Termination of Services Due to Absenteeism

Dear Mr. Woody:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that your employment as a Project Assistant with Solar Solutions has been terminated with immediate effect. Despite the fact that we have sent you three warnings earlier, you have failed to respond, thereby forcing us into a situation where we have no choice but to take these drastic measures per company policy.

You were well aware of the stance that Solar Solutions takes on absenteeism, and despite many warnings in the past year, you have failed to alter your actions. Due to your absenteeism, we have lost Project Halo, which was under your supervision. The loss of this project has cost the company a substantial financial loss, which will take many years to cover.

As per company policy, your severance pay will be paid if you meet the qualifying criteria. In the meantime, your insurance benefits will continue as per the policy of the corresponding insurance company. You are entitled to obtain information on your statement of benefits from the human resource department, and your final paycheck will also be available immediately.

Please hand over any company information that you may have with you immediately. We regret having to terminate your employment and wish you all the best in finding a new position soon.


Quentin Tarintino
Human Resources Manager
Solar Solutions

Copied to: Mr. Hans Hollande (CEO Solar Solutions)