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Sample Termination Letter for Insubordination

In any workplace, it is imperative to keep the working environment free from people that can harm it. One of those people is someone who does not listen to you. As an employee, if one doesn’t do something their job description mandates, or does not respect the employer enough to listen, they have not grasps… Read More »

Termination of Sales Contract Letter Sample

A sales contract termination letter is a simple document outlining when and why you intend to finish business relationships with an agency or vendor. This particular document is usually written in a letter format, detailing that the terms of a sales contract are no longer valid. This type of letter does not have to be… Read More »

Termination Letter Due to Theft

Theft at the workplace is a serious offence. If an employer finds out that a theft has taken place, he or she will have no choice but to terminate the services of the offending employee, and possibly call in the authorities. Even if the employee in question has worked for the organization for a long… Read More »

Termination Letter for Dishonesty

Dishonesty is something that is never tolerated at the workplace. If an employer discovers that an employee has been dishonest about something, especially if it involves money, the end is usually a termination. A letter of termination is written based on what the company policy dictates and the offending employee is asked to leave immediately.… Read More »

Sample Redundancy Letter to Employee

Terminating an employee is never a pleasant task. Even if the employee has done something really questionable, the decision to terminate him or her is far from being a pleasing one. However, there are times when one has no choice but to terminate an employee’s service – especially if he or she has been declared… Read More »

Termination Letter Due to Lack of Work (Sample 2)

Writing a termination letter sometimes becomes a necessity, albeit an unwelcome one. Termination letters are written by employers every day for a number of reasons. Usually, if you are terminating someone’s services, it means that you had a pretty good reason – a negative effect on the company is usually the reason behind terminating someone’s… Read More »

Termination Letter for Misconduct

Writing a termination letter may be the hardest thing to do for you – or all in a day’s work. But termination letters need to be written following a certain protocol. If you are in a position where you have the right to decide if someone needs to be terminated, you need to be able… Read More »

Immediate Termination Letter Sample

Serious misconduct on an employee’s part requires immediate (and severe) action. If one of your employees has indulged in behavior that is not acceptable, you may have no choice but to terminate his services. But terminating someone is not easy as so much depends on an employee. He may be handling an important project and… Read More »

Employee Termination Announcement to Clients

The word “termination” has a bad connotation attached to it. There is no doubt that it spells trouble for the person it is intended for. It is taken for granted that when an employee is terminated, he has been fired due to a disciplinary action – and in response to something terrible that he or… Read More »

Sample Termination Letter for Tardiness

It does not matter if an employee has talent for the work entrusted to him – if he comes in late and does not deliver work on time, the situation warrants a warning and a termination if the warning isn’t paid attention to. Termination letters are often difficult to draw as you might not be… Read More »

Termination Letter Due to Completion of Work

Once a work contract has ended or is about to end, it is important for an employer to write a formal termination letter to mark the end of the contract. While the word “termination” seems to exude negativity, it actually means the end of something so it just makes sense to use this word when… Read More »

Sample Termination Letter to Employee Due to Downsizing

The global recession has affected us in more than one way. Not only have we seen inflation at its highest, but many people have also lost their jobs due to companies downsizing so much. Jobs have been cut drastically over the past few years to make amends for failing businesses, and many people have found… Read More »