Sample Termination Letter for Tardiness

By | February 9, 2015

It does not matter if an employee has talent for the work entrusted to him – if he comes in late and does not deliver work on time, the situation warrants a warning and a termination if the warning isn’t paid attention to. Termination letters are often difficult to draw as you might not be in complete favor of terminating an employee’s contract. However, if he has repeatedly breached the company’s policies, you do not have a choice.

Termination letters are often directly written. Since you are informing an employee that his services are no longer needed, you do not have to mince your words. You can be as direct as you would like, without feeling the need to be kind. But of course, your letter should not be rude. Technically, a termination letter includes information on why an employee is being terminated (the circumstances that led to the decision to terminate) and how long he has to hand over his work and move his things.

If the employee has any leftover benefits such as accumulated leave (and if he is eligible for it considering the circumstances), you should provide details of how he can obtain them. This sample termination letter written for an employee who has displayed tardiness should help you.

Sample Termination Letter for Tardiness


February 9, 2015

Mr. Joshua Mathews
Project Officer
Presidio Inc.
44 Nall Avenue
Overland Park, KS 82947


Dear Mr. Mathews:

We regret to inform you that your employment with Presidio Inc. has been terminated. This termination will take effect from Monday (February 16, 2015). Please consider this letter a formal notice of your termination.

We have warned you three times through formal letters that your work is slipping due to your apparent tardiness in completing work assignments entrusted to you. You have also been coming in to work late – your attendance log depicts that you have attended only 10 days in the last month which is completely unacceptable to us. We would also like to point out here that due to your tardiness, we have lost an important project (Culmination X) which has resulted in great financial loss to the company.

Please note that severance payments will be made in accordance to the company policies. If you have any questions regarding your outstanding payments, please call Ms. Jemima Hedge (Human Resource Manager) for details. Please arrange to have all company property returned to your immediate supervisor by tomorrow morning.



Jacob Firth
Director Human Resource
Presidio Inc.
Tel: (333) 333-3333