Business Thank You Letter for Payment Received

By | March 29, 2017

When we receive the payment for the services we have provided someone, we feel genuine happiness for a job well done and some money well earned. It is only natural we would want them to know about that, and how they are welcome to use our services again.

In the letter, let the customer or businessman know if it was a business transaction, how you valued their time and money, and how important they are to your business.

You can let them know how it was a pleasure doing business, with or for them, and that they are part of your company family or circle This is an excellent opportunity to fit in your latest offers or updates as well; even if it is another businessman, I’m sure they will be intrigued by them.



Business Thank You Letter for Payment Received



Darlene Fason
Fason Restorations LLC
4641 Bird Street
Farmington, NM 87401
(000) 854-0295

June 20, 2018

Mr. Richard Hutchison
576 Sussex Court
Waco, TX 76706


Dear Mr. Hutchison:

On behalf of the team here at, (company name), I would like to formally thank you for the payment we have received from you, on June 15. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and we look forward to future work with you.

Our clients are important to us because, this is why we do it, to put a smile on your face. We believe that every transaction goes smoothly merely because we value you as a person and not as a resource. I also want you to know that we have just started a new department in (new field or project). I would love to see if you would be interested in that. We hope you were satisfied with the service, if not please let us know immediately so that we can look into that.

Thank you for the chance to work for you, we especially enjoyed this project and can’t wait for more like it. It is our motto to treat each returning customer as part of the company Family, be sure to expect the best and more from us next time you come round.


Warm regards,

(Sign Here)

Darlene Fason