Payment Not Received Email Template

Getting clients to pay debits in their accounts or for services already rendered to them is one of the most difficult things to do! Clients are notoriously famous for giving you the slip when it is pay-up time so it is up to collections personnel to devise ways to get clients to pay.

An effective way of communicating a client’s debt is through an email. While an email may get lost in a spam folder, chances are that yours won’t especially if you have been communicating with the client through emails previously. This is also a good way of communicating as it is quick and you can set your mail application to receive a “read receipt” once a client has opened your email.

An email written to a client who has failed to make a payment will need to be written in such a way that communicates important debit information but isn’t threatening. Of course, if you have been repeatedly trying to contact a client for payment but the client hasn’t complied, you might not have a choice but to provide an ultimatum.

Here is an email template that you can use to contact a defaulting customer:

Payment Not Received Email Template

Subject: Outstanding Balance


Dear Mr. Dylan:

Please refer to the attached account report reflecting the debit in your account #FH-505 titled Craig Dylan at Faulkers Holdings. Please note that this debit was communicated to you over the telephone on October 15, 2014 after aggressive trading activities in your account during the first week of October.

The debit in your account stands at $1728 as of October 5, 2014 and needs to be cleared on an immediate basis for us to continue providing you with trading services. You have been a valuable client since 2009 and we would like to continue this relationship further.

Since your trading manner has never been this aggressive before, we would also like you to meet with your trader to discuss the appropriateness of your trading methods to minimize chances of loss in your account.

Please arrange to have a check sent amounting to the debit mentioned above to:

Hans Reynolds
Accounts Officer
Faulkers Holdings
763 Metcalfe Avenue
Overland Park, KS 67363

Alternately, you can make an online payment through PayPal or bank transfer to account number:0011100 of ABC Bank.

We value your clientele and would like to work with you to profitably handle your trading account.

Thank you very much.



Michael Keaton
Director Accounts
Faulkers Holdings
763 Metcalfe Avenue
Overland Park, KS 67363
(000) 999-0000

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