Employment Verification Response Letter Sample

By | October 20, 2014

Employment verification letters can be asked for in many situations, including visa application processes and qualifying for gaining landlords’ trust.

There is no need to take it personally if you are asked to prove that you work where you do and earn as much as you say you do!


Many people do not provide the right information in hopes of gaining facilities that they are not eligible for. Employment verifications actually make things easier for candidates for specific benefits as they make processing time smooth and swift.

An employment verification response letter is merely a document that states that you are employed at a particular position in a company.

It also details information on how much you are making and what benefits are allotted to you by the company. In many instances, people settle if you present them with a copy of the employment letter which you received when you joined a company.

However, there may be times when you will need one specially written for a particular purpose.


Many employment letters issued for verification purposes are explicitly addressed to the concerned person, but many are written with a ‘to whom it may concern’ header as well.

A sample of an employment verification response letter is given below for your reference:


Employment Verification Response Letter Example


June 7, 2019

Mr. Norman Greek
780 Hill Street
New York, NY 90122

Re: Verification of Employment for Ms. Helen Cole

This letter is served as a verification of employment for Ms. Cole, who works as a permanent member of the National Outreach Project at Queens University. She has been an integral part of the university for eleven years and has worked on several very sensitive projects during her time here.

The National Outreach Project is funded by the East Coast Helping Hands Foundation and Ms. Cole’s salary is paid through this grant. Her annual salary is set at $120,000. This grant has been functional for seven years and is expected to continue for the next twenty years owing to receiving substantial attention from many large funding agencies.

Ms. Cole’s employment at this point in time is one in which there is a good expectation of continued work for the next many years. If she is provided with permanent residency, she will be able to take much benefit from her position at Queens University.

If you need any further information (or confirmation of Ms. Cole’s personal eligibility for residence acquirement), please do not hesitate to contact me.




Brad Jagger
Project Manager – National Outreach Project
Queens University
New York, NY
(444) 444-444