Sample Employment Letter for Home Loan

By | January 8, 2015

Have you recently been asked by an employee to write an employment letter to a bank to verify that he works with you so that he can qualify for a home loan? There is no need to worry. If you have found yourself in such a situation (and have not written an employment letter before), reading further will help you in writing one.

An employment letter or email isn’t anything difficult to write. All you have to do it verify that the person who is applying for a loan does work for your company and draws enough to be able to pay back the loan that he intends to obtain. The information that you need to put in such a letter is obvious – salary amount and dates of employment can be obtained from the employee’s agreement and the HR department respectively and all you have to do is put everything in prose.

You can begin by writing the name of the person the letter needs to be addressed to – the employee in question will give you this information – and you can continue by literally filling in the blanks. Name of the employee, date of joining, present salary information and employment status will cover everything you need to provide in an employment letter. Have a look at the following example:


Sample Employment Letter for Home Loan


January 8, 2015

Ms. Jessica Parker
Loan Officer
Capital One Bank
127 Jorge Way
Henderson, NV 15242


Dear Ms. Parker:

This letter is to inform you that Kylie Moose has been working at the position of a Marketing Manager for Highpoint Retail since January 10, 2010. She is on a ten year contract with the company which has recently been renewed on December 20, 2015 and will last until the same date in 2025.

Kylie draws a weekly salary of $2,156 which is directly credited to her account in the Warm Springs Road branch of Capital One Bank. A bank-verified salary deposit statement of the previous 12 months is enclosed with this letter. She works an average of 40 hours a week and is paid extra for any overtime.

As one of the most valuable employees that Highpoint Retail has, Kylie is popular with her colleagues and supervisors. In view of her income and standing with the company, I am positive that she will not have any issues paying back the home loan that she has applied for.

I may be contacted at the numbers below if further information is required.



[Sign Here]

Mason Jansen
Marketing Supervisor, Highpoint Retail
1 Legacy Avenue, Henderson, NV 19383
777.000.1478 Ext: 6521