Apology Letter for Being Late Sample

By | February 24, 2016

There is no shame in apologizing if you have done something wrong – intentionally or unintentionally. This is so true in situations where your workplace reputation or worse, job security is concerned. What are some of the situations in which you may need to write an apology letter to your boss?

1. If you have been out of line and said or done something rude
2. If you were not able to meet a deadline or follow instructions
3. When you intentionally or unintentionally found yourself in a situation that required management arbitration
4. If you had come in late to work and your work was affected by it

In the last situation – coming in late to work – you will need to be very tactful in writing an apology letter. Verbal apologies hardly ever make the impact that one would want to make in a situation as dire as this. Writing an apology letter is the only way to go. So what procedures do you need to follow in order to write an apology letter?

Nothing much. You just have to be straightforward and provide a reason for being late, and say that it will never happen again! If something adverse happened because of you coming in to work late, suggest ways of making amends. A little like this:


Apology Letter for Being Late Sample


February 24, 2016

Mr. Kenneth King
Marketing Director
Matteson Partners
2030 Mac Lean Street
Dacono, CO 11253


Dear Mr. King:

I apologize for coming late to work today, especially since I had a scheduled meeting with Mr. Warren of Hady’s International. I feel particularly bad that he left before I could make it to office, resulting in at least some dissatisfaction on his part.

Please allow me to explain the situation. I got stuck in a traffic jam due to breakdown of 18-wheeler on Forest underpass, and it took an hour before the jam cleared. By the time I reached office, Mr. Warren had left. I understand that this deal is very important for us and will take high measures to ensure that it does not fall through. I will contact Mr. Warren, apologize and ask for a time when I can meet with him in afternoon.

Once again, I apologize and assure you that this will not happen again. Thank you for your understanding of my plea.



Wendy Pole
Administrative Assistant
Ext: 1254