Apology Letter to Boss for Late Coming in Office

By | December 8, 2014

Coming late to work is not appreciated in any office but there might be some instances when situations are against us and we cannot help but be late for work. Traffic jams, car breakdown, domestic problem or illnesses may keep us from getting to work on time even if we left home in a timely manner. While it is not recommended that you report to work late on a daily basis, but, if you did so, it is time to write to your supervisor and let them know that you regret reporting for work late and that it will not happen again.

Many people would argue that if you do end up being late for work, providing excuses will weaken your case. On the other hand, it is important to provide a reason for coming in late and possibly a solution too so that your supervisor or boss does not judge you on this solely. Some companies have very strict rules for late comers – they may dock your pay or indulge in a disciplinary action. So the sooner you apologize to your boss, the better it is.


Apology Letter to Boss for Late Coming in Office


January 24, 2016

Mr. James Fellon
Manager Marketing
Cox Communications Inc.
892 Sussex Street
Toms River, NJ 77882


Dear Mr. Fellon:

I find it very hard to find the words to apologize for coming late to work today.

This misfortune happened because both Stafford Road and Briar Avenue were closed due to construction work. I use these roads to travel to office. As a result of this temporary road closure, I had taken alternate routes to reach to office.

I am aware of the fact that any excuses cannot undo the wastage of time that has occurred due to my tardiness but I would like to give extra time to my work after office hours to patch-up the pending work.

Please accept my genuine apology and rest assured that this will not happen again. I will leave home half an hour earlier from the routine which will solve the problem until the road will be repaired.




Kyle Hogan
Marketing Assistant