Apology Letter to Boss for Late Reply

By | December 6, 2014

Several situations may warrant an apology from you to your boss and replying to him late regarding a project or a query may be one of them. While you may have a million reasons why you sent in a late reply, your boss does not know your reasons and will judge you based on your actions. In a situation such as this, it is best to write an apology letter to your boss and enlighten him with the reason of your tardiness in replying.

Depending on what it was that you had to reply to your boss about, you can write an apology letter with the information asked for in it. You can also use an apology letter as a “cover” to the information that your boss asked for; an apology letter may have a report or a research document that your boss had asked for enclosed with it.

Alternately, in an apology letter to your boss, you can simply chart out the reason for replying late and provide any information that was asked from you. What follows is a sample apology letter that you can derive ideas from. Have a look!


Apology Letter to Boss for Late Reply


December 6, 2014

Jim Morrison
Managing Director
NBC Universal
6653 E Snyder Street
Hobbs, NM 87522


Dear Mr. Morrison:

Please accept my apologies for the long silence following your letter of inquiry into the Hobbs Conservation Project which was received in my office on November 25, 2014. I had been on an extended leave since November 20 and did not have access to my official mail.

I have been through your letter and the enclosed instructions in great detail and understand the specifics of what you require me to do. I have already assigned Mr. Martin Timber to perform the research work that you asked for and I should get some results by the end of the day. During the week before my leave, I conducted a similar market study and made an informal report regarding my findings. This report is enclosed with this letter and will provide you with information on the Hobbs Conservation Project until I am able to provide you with a more detailed report following Mr. Timber’s submission.

The tone of your letter tells me that you would like to get this project expedited so I am offering my services to work after office hours for the entire length of this week. I apologize once more for not getting back to you in time.



Kenneth Gordon
Project Manager
NBC Universal