Apology Letter to Mom for Stealing

By | November 22, 2016

Stealing is one of the worst things that you can do especially where family is involved. The trust that your family, especially your parents put into you, deserves a little more than this. But in the unfortunate event that you have stolen from your mom (or dad or another family member), it is time to apologize profusely.

Even though you know that your mom will probably forgive you for your terrible offence of stealing, it is still best to write a letter to her, apologizing for the bad deed that you did. What will you write? Well, you will simply own up to the misdeed and vow never to hurt her again by doing something like this. Not enough? Well, you can play the emotional card too. Since you are technically writing a letter that is personal in nature, you can bring in some amount of emotion, in a bid to get your mom to agree to forgive you.

Explain what happened. What made you steal in the first place? Why do you feel guilty now? How will you make it up to your mom? And how will you make her believe that you will not resort to stealing again? Answer all these questions in your letter and you are good to go. What follows is a sample apology letter that you can refer to:

Apology Letter to Mom for Stealing


November 22, 2016

Dear Mom:

It is with utter regret and terrible shame that I am owning up to the money that I stole from your bag last Sunday. I did not have the courage to tell this to you in person which is why I am writing this letter. It was a few moments of bad judgment that led me to stealing from my own mother, and I am very ashamed that I succumbed to this encouragement to do a bad deed.

I needed the money to buy the Xbox that I have had my heart set on for some time. I know you agreed to help me pay for it if I saved up half the money for it, and I should have just let this arrangement be. I realize now that even if I had managed to buy it with the stolen money, I would have had a very difficult time explaining to you how I got my hands on it. And you would put two and two together and figure out that the money that was stolen was used in buying it. There was no way I was going to get out of explaining it.

Please forgive me this time. I promise to use good judgment next time and not do something that will hurt you. I am placing the money that I took from you in the envelope that holds this letter.



Nathan Bale