Sample Letter of Apology for Dishonesty

By | August 16, 2018

There is no excuse for lying, especially where your work is concerned. However, if an incident such as this does come about, you need to apologize to the person whom you have wronged. And there is no better way to apologize than in writing, as you will get a chance to organize your thoughts, and place your emotions on paper in a profound manner.

Writing an apology letter will require you to be very open about what happened. You have to analyze the situation first, and weigh what words and phrases you will use to apologize. Once you have this part sorted out, you can put your thoughts on paper, reading and rereading it several times before you deem it a perfect apology letter. Show how remorseful you are, but do not go overboard with your emotions as that will kill the whole thing for you. Ensuring that your tone is not overly familiar is essential. And it is imperative to make sure that you correctly address the issue, and provide information about how you will make sure that the same mistake isn’t repeated.

To see how you can write an apology letter when you have been dishonest to someone, have a look at the following sample:


Sample Letter of Apology for Dishonesty


August 16, 2018

Mr. Robert Banner
Marketing Manager
Sun Trust
73 Jamaican Road
Maple Grove, MN 32633


Dear Mr. Banner:

I am reaching out to you following an incident that I found myself in the event of dishonesty. While I have never wished any harm to the company or its employees, I made a poor choice which led me to be dishonest with you and the company.

The Mason Project is not something that I have in my kitty, as I led you to believe. I was working very hard to acquire the project from Manor Inc. and was very sure that it will be a cinch to win it over. And this is why I wrongfully informed you that I had already obtained it. In actuality, it is still being decided whether it will be given to Sun City or United Way. I am very sorry that I led you to believe otherwise while there is no excuse for me to behave this way, I did think that we had bagged it.

Please rest assured that I have learned my lesson, and will not resort to misinformation again, even if something is not in my favor. I hope you can forgive and trust me again.



Dylan Robb
Marketing Officer
Sun City