Termination Letter for Dishonesty

By | September 20, 2016

Dishonesty is something that is never tolerated at the workplace. If an employer discovers that an employee has been dishonest about something, especially if it involves money, the end is usually a termination. A letter of termination is written based on what the company policy dictates and the offending employee is asked to leave immediately.

While not altogether a pleasant task, writing a termination letter is important when you find yourself in a situation as this. Since you cannot risk keeping on a dishonest individual, you have to let them go. Of course, you will have to write to him or her to provide her information of your decision to terminate his or her services. This can be effectively done by writing a termination letter which outlines the details of events that led to the decision to terminate an employee’s services.

A termination letter is never really a polite one. It has to be firm and to the point, while not altogether rude. Yes, it is not easy writing a letter to someone saying that they have been fired, but when the situation calls for it, there isn’t much choice. The following termination letter sample will help you write one when you need to:


Termination Letter for Dishonesty


September 20, 2016

Mr. Oliver Red
Golf Galaxy
665 67th Street
New York, NY 22564


Dear Mr. Red:

In view of the circumstances that have prevailed over the last 2 weeks, and the corporate jury providing evidence of your dishonesty while in a position of extreme responsibility, we have no choice but to terminate your services as an accountant at Golf Galaxy, with immediate effect. Please note that you do not have leeway for putting in an appeal for a reconsideration.

Golf Galaxy has been your employer for the previous 5 years and we expected you to perform your work with honesty, especially since you were placed in a position of high confidence, which you did not honor. As of now, you are no longer commissioned by the company – your past dues will be paid into your account at the end of the month. Mr. Ian Ford from the HR department will hand you your personal effects presently – you are advised to hand over all company information that you possess to Mr. Ford as well.

We will not be pressing charges against you at this point in time, but upon greater scrutiny if there are any other evidences of fraud at your end, you will hear from our lawyer.



Patrick White
Patrick White
Golf Galaxy
Tel: (000) 414-8522