Job Well Done Recognition Letter to Employee

By | January 8, 2017

If you are a manager and you find a certain behavior or standard of work really good then to make sure it occurs more often, some sort of positive reinforcement needs to be put into place. It doesn’t always have to be a bonus or a raise; in fact, sometimes just a simple pat on the back would suffice.

The employee who has done a great job deserves to know that their efforts have been noticed and acknowledged. What better way than to write a letter to convey that. Here are a few tips to remember while writing such a letter:

• Mention things that you thought really stood out in the employee’s performance
• Tell the employee how the effort they put in affected the company or project as a whole
• Tell them if any higher ups took special interest in their work
• Remember, spelling mistakes look really sloppy in a manager’s letter, as usually you have to remind everyone of the importance of spelling and grammar.

If you work closely with this employee or if the employee is part of your team, I’m sure you’ll enjoy writing this letter. This sort of thing is great for the office environment, as all the employees will know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Here’s a sample:


Job Well Done Recognition Letter to Employee


Brian Anderson
Branch Manager
Allesso Outdoor Furniture Ltd.
455 Sardis Sta
Grand Prairie, TX 75051

January 8, 2016

Mr. Randall A. Jackson
Sales Rep
Allesso Outdoor Furniture Ltd.


Dear Mr. Randall:

Get ready to hear good news! As it turns out, you have sold the most items this month; in fact, you have sold over 40% of the average for employees in their first month. As a person who was freshly added to the team, I have to say, you have surprised me!

Not only did you do exceptionally well, we received zero complaints from customers in your first month, this has never happened before. When I read your cover letter I assumed you were exaggerating, when you said you were born for this job, but you have proven those words true. I see big things for you here. I also appreciate how you have stayed out of the workplace politics and have formed no enemies yet.

Because of your hard work, we have decided to give you the “new employee blew us away” bonus, something we had to make up for the occasion.

We are proud to have you on our team, Randall! Job well done!


Best regards,


Brian Anderson
Branch Manager