Job Well Done Recognition Letter Sample to Team

By | January 8, 2017

Appreciating people for good work is called positive reinforcement. If one wants to promote good work, then little things like “job well done” letters, and giving out bonuses can go a long way. When a team does their work better than expected then at the very least they deserve a letter of appreciation.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to fall from the sky. You’re going to have to write it, and since that’s what you’ve been looking for, this article has manifested into existence. Here are a few tips:

• Mention specific acts that stood out
• Mention how their team work and performance affected the entire project
• Name some people who did exceptionally well
• Tell the team how they can be an example for others
• Don’t forget to praise the team leader for keeping everything together
• As always, perform a spelling and grammar check

Being in a position of management, it’s a breath of relief when you finally get to write a letter of appreciation instead of a letter of disappointment. So, here’s a sample to help you in your pivotal mission:


Sample Job Well Done Recognition Letter to Team


Martin Seller
Head of R&D
Miracle Hair, Inc.
1603 Jones Avenue
Churchland, NC 27292

January 8, 2017

Team Titans
Research & Development


Dear Team Titans:

It brings me great pleasure to inform you that your recent endeavors on Research Project #34 have pleased both the VP and myself. Not only did you conclude your research before all other teams, you managed to get much deeper into the subject and offer the most innovative perspective.

This letter is to appreciate a job well done, and also to let you know that we have chosen to further fund your team’s research on this project. I want to personally congratulate you all on your acknowledged effort and success on this particular project. I want to single out Dr. Amanda as the MVP (most valued player) in this project, and I extend your team leader, Dr. Alex Monroe, my heartfelt congratulations on the upkeep of such an outstanding team!

You guys have demonstrated such high proficiency and team coordination in this particular project, that you have broken the Team Spartans’ record of last month, which has inspired us to decide to give you guys higher profile projects in the future. This recent project will be instrumental in the development of our new line of shampoos. However, we wish to expand your research to every line now, not just shampoos.

Again, well done guys!


Best regards,


Martin Seller