NOC Letter Format from Employer

By | April 24, 2015

NOCs (no objection certificates) can be issued in many circumstances. An employer may write a no objection certificate to handle an array of situations, especially in the instance when an employee wants to work for another company but is still under contract. Or wants to moonlight. Some companies do not allow their employees to work in a similar concern for a certain period of time after they have left a job. However, for special circumstances, an NOC may be issued so that this term in a contract may be overridden.

No objection certificates are simply written, usually with a To Whom It May Concern header – unless specified otherwise. The contents of an NOC depend on the circumstances that prevail – if the issue is to override a contract term, it needs to be specified. If an NOC is being asked for because an employee wants to work for another organization alongside his regular job, the employer will specify that he has no objection.

Since NOCs are usually issued at the special request of an employee, it is wise to say as much when writing it. By doing so, you are freeing yourself of any responsibility of issuing a letter of this sort – even though the letter itself may not have any adverse effect on your position within the company.

An NOC format from an employer is given below for your reference:


NOC Letter Format from Employer


January 8, 2017


To Whom It May Concern

This NOC is being written to verify that Ms. Jasmine Cole has been working as an executive secretary at Core Technologies since April 2008.

As a permanent employee, Ms. Cole’s employment agreement does not provide leeway for any part time commissions whatsoever. However, owing to the prevalence of special circumstances in Ms. Cole’s case, the company has decided to provide some flexibility in the terms that her employment agreement dictates.

In view of the above fact, Core Technologies has no objection if Ms. Cole:

• Obtain a part time position as long as it does not compromise her working hours
• Appear in an interview for a part time commission

Please note that this NOC is being issued at the express request of Ms. Cole and Core Technologies has no responsibility pertaining to the outcome of usage of this document. Any misinterpretation of facts or information in this NOC will render this document null and void.

For further information, please contact at (000) 222-5471 or hr @ coretechnologies . com.


Mark Hamilton
(Manager Human Resources)