NOC Format for Electricity Meter Transfer

By | May 4, 2015

It is amazing how many different situations require no objection certificates. Even the transfer of an electricity meter will require one! Yes, this is true! When you buy a new house or an apartment, you need to have your electricity meter transferred from the builder’s name to your own. It is the safe thing to do – it is the right thing to do.

If you are the builder, it is a good idea to suggest to the new buyer that they have the electricity meter transferred to their name immediately. By doing this, you are actually doing the new owners a favor – and yourself too. How? Well, you don’t want to be called upon by the authorities in the event an electricity meter is rigged by a new home owner. Or if there are any incorrect billing issues. Once you have sold the house to someone, the electricity meter should be their problem!

But if you want to expedite the transfer process, your best bet is to quickly write an NOC letter, saying that you have sold the house and do not mind the electricity meter being transferred to the new homeowner’s name. Yes, it really is as simple as that. The rest of the work is done by the new homeowner. Once you have provided an NOC, your work is done.

Here is how you can write an NOC for electricity meter transfer:


NOC Format for Electricity Meter Transfer


May 4, 2015

Assistant Executive Engineer – Electrical
Power House
829 Old 98 Road
Valliant, OK 82937


Dear Sir:

This no objection certificate is being issued to provide credence to the fact that Mr. James Chase is the new owner of 127 Gray Owl Lane, Valliant, OK, which was previously on my name i.e. Nathaniel Ferguson. I sold the said premises to Mr. Chase on March 10, 2015 (copies of seller’s deed is enclosed herewith) and have received full payment for the sale.

The number of meter is FD65765S and the current reading is 021341.011. Mr. Chase would now like to have the electricity meter at the aforementioned premises transferred to his name. I declare that I have absolutely no objection to this as the house has already been transferred to his name. I am enclosing completed forms X and Y that Power House will need to process Mr. Chase’s transfer request.

This NOC is being issued for the purpose mentioned above only and will be considered null and void once the electricity meter transfer is completed.


Truly yours,

Nathaniel Ferguson
992 Park Lane
Valliant, OK 28334
Tel: (444) 444-4444

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