Refund of Security Deposit Letter

By | October 6, 2016

The security deposit amount is the right of the person who has deposited the money at the beginning of an agreement. This agreement could be a school admission, or more likely, a rental contract. In the latter situation, the security deposit amount needs to be refunded at the end of a tenancy agreement – any damages can be claimed and paid for from this amount.

At times, a security deposit is adjusted into the rent of the last month. However, this will depend on the individual agreement between the tenant and the landlord. A landlord may choose to keep part of the money to pay for repairs that the tenant has not been able to make, or any damages to his house or apartment. All of this depends on what situation has transpired on the day that the tenant vacates the premises.

As a tenant, it is your right to ask for your security deposit amount on the day that you vacate the house – in some cases, you may be entitled to it on the same day and in others, you will need to wait a few weeks, depending on the tenancy agreement. If you have not received the amount due to you even after the term has expired, you must write to your (now ex) landlord and demand (politely) the money. You may follow the following refund for security deposit letter sample for convenience purposes:


Refund of Security Deposit Letter


Lorna Dune
254 Pine Street
Bedford, TX 76025
(000) 659-9877
Lorna @ email . com

October 6, 2016

Mr. Simon Page
822 Cardinal Road
Bedford, TX 76025


Dear Mr. Page:

This letter is with reference to the $1,000 security deposit that was placed on our rental agreement (copy enclosed) for the house 12 Date Place, Bedford, TX. As you are aware, I vacated the said premises on September 2, 2016 – at the time of vacating, the house was in mint condition, just as it was rented to me at the beginning of the year. Please refer to the enclosed photographs for proof.

As our rental agreement states, you are liable to return my security deposit within one month of my vacating the premises, provided that there are no costs incurred on repairing damages or replacing fixtures. Since I made all the required repairs before I left, I am positive that there is no reason for you to withhold my security deposit cash.

I would appreciate it if you would refund this security deposit amount at your earliest, so that I can manage my finances more efficiently. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at (000) 659-9877.



Lorna Dune