Sample Tenant Complaint Letter to Landlord

By | February 9, 2015

Renting a place means that your landlord is responsible for most of the maintenance of the house. So if your rented house needs repair or maintenance, you should send a formal complaint to your landlord.

In your complaint letter, provide details of the situation that has forced you to write the letter. It could be a leaky roof or a dangerous staircase that is keeping you up at nights – whatever it is, the landlord needs to know. If there is a fence that needs fixing or a front door lock that isn’t working, your house may be prone to burglaries which is why it is important for you to inform your landlord.

Your complaint will act as a means for the landlord to do something to manage the situation. You should provide as much detail as possible and ask for a solution. You might need to look over your rent agreement to gauge what your responsibilities as a tenant are, as far as house maintenance and repair is concerned, so that you do not ask your landlord for any undue favors.

Here is a sample tenant complaint letter written to a landlord that you can take ideas from:

Sample Tenant Complaint Letter to Landlord


May 26, 2016

Mr. Gregory Peck
1826 Washington Street
Aberdeen, SD 82358


Dear Mr. Peck:

This is with reference to your house, 76 5th Avenue NW, Aberdeen, SD 21411 that I have rented from you. As per the our rent agreement, you are liable to handle the repair and maintenance on the house as and when needed.

Please note that due to the mini tornado that ravaged Aberdeen three days ago, the upstairs windows (two rooms) and the door to the terrace have been severely damaged, making the house vulnerable to both natural elements and thefts. Also, due to the immense electrical surges on the day of the storm, seven bulbs (all over the house) have been blown.

As the rent agreement charts out, I am responsible for minor maintenance issues such as replacing bulbs which I have already bought and I am in the process of installing them. However, the door and windows need to be fixed by you (as the agreement details). I would appreciate it if you would take out the time to come and inspect the damages and take immediate action to have them repaired.

Thank you for your prompt consideration in this regard.



Matte Colson
Tel: (444) 444-4444