Sample Letter to Tenant for Property Damages

By | June 28, 2015

Renting out your prized property to tenants has its good points – the monthly rent that comes in can be a great addition your income. But it also has its bad points. Tenants are not homeowners to whom looking after the premises is second nature. While not all tenants deliberately damage the property that they have rented, they may not be as careful with it as a landlord would want them to be. Alas!

And when you find out that a house that you have rented has been damaged, well, it is heartbreaking! Unfortunately, mulling over it isn’t going to do anything. What will help is confronting the tenant. Of course, physical confrontations can become ugly and are not really recommended if you want to keep peace. So what does one do? Write a letter!

Yes, it seems as if writing a letter is the solution to every problem. But really, it is in this case. A letter to your tenant to inform him that you are aware of the damages done to your property and that he has to pay for them is your only way out. Unless, you want to hire the handyman and pay him out of your own hard-earned money!

You may be angry at what has been done to your property but taking it out isn’t going to get you anywhere. What can help is putting the facts on paper and demanding that the tenant pays. Here is how:


Sample Letter to Tenant for Property Damages


Paul Newton
290 E Broadway Street
Madisonville, KY 27364
(333) 333-3333
paul @ email . om

June 28, 2015

Ms. Sharon Grover
7 W Kentucky Road
Madisonville, KY 42412


Dear Ms. Grover:

As part of the quarterly inspection of 7 W Kentucky Road, Madisonville, which you have rented from me, I noticed some damages that have been done to the property. I would like to bring your attention to them:

• Kitchen counters are scratched with a sharp utensil
• Downstairs living room wall has been marked with crayons
• 3 broken windows have been observed in the upstairs bedrooms
• Bathroom sink is cracked in one of the upstairs bathroom

As charted out in the original rental agreement, the tenant is solely responsible for any damages made to the property during the tenancy period. I have had my handyman look at the damages and the cost of repair stands at $688 – I have enclosed a copy of the estimate with this letter.

Please arrange this amount immediately so that I can have the repairs made without delay. Alternately, you can give me the go-ahead to deduct this amount from your security deposit.

I would appreciate a prompt reply from you.



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Paul Newton
290 E Broadway Street
Madisonville, KY 27364
Tel: (333) 333-3333
Email: paul @ email . om