Sample Letter to Boss for Vacation

By | September 21, 2016

Most organizations will get you to fill out a form if you want to apply for a leave to go on a family vacation. Some might get you to fill out a form and ask for an application letter along with it. And some might want just the application. In the latter two cases, it is up to you to get your creative juices flowing and write a letter to request time off.

A letter to your employer asking for time off so that you can go on that much needed vacation, will be professional in tone, and very concise. You will need to chart out why you are writing, and how long you want to take off. Before you write such a letter, make sure that you know that you have enough time left in your leave quota to take off. Since you won’t be going for just a day or two, you will need to have at least a few weeks in your leave quota before you become eligible.

Provide details of when you want to leave, and the exact date you’ll report back to work. Also detail how you intend to make sure that your work is not affected. Once you have all these details sorted, you can write a letter to your employer by taking ideas from the following sample:


Sample Letter to Boss for Vacation


Adam Sandler
Project Officer
Tel: (000) 788-4521

September 21, 2016

Mr. Jay Folks
Project Manager
223 Elf Road
Cumberland, MD 27745


Dear Mr. Folks:

I would like to request 2 weeks off (September 27 to October 12) from work to take my family to the Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. Since we are not in the midst of an important project with immediate deadlines at the moment, I believe that this is the perfect time to avail the accumulated leave time that I have.

Upon a detailed conversation with Ms. Hannah Pitt (HR Manager), I have determined that I have my annual leave quota of 30 days that I can avail for this. However, I just need 14 days at the moment. During the time I am away from work, Mr. Brad Jolie will be seeing to my clients, and any urgent business that may come up. I will be available on both phone and email if you require my assistance or feedback on anything.

I would appreciate it if you would sanction my leave at the earliest.

Thank you.



Adam Sandler