Welcome Letter to New Boss Joining

By | September 20, 2016

Would you believe that your new boss may be as jittery on his first day as you will be on yours? How would you like to be welcomed on your first day at work? A short letter, with a lot of niceties, sitting on your desk would make your first day very special! Why not do the same for a new boss?

There was a time when it was considered being too forward writing a welcome letter to a new boss. Employees wouldn’t dare write one and new bosses wouldn’t really welcome one. Things have changed now. It is important to connect to new people in the organization and a welcome letter serves as an ice breaking activity. A welcome letter may be written by one employee or a team, depending on what the situation is. If you are thinking of writing one, try to involve the rest of the team as well, so that it does not seem as if you are being overly familiar – and that the other team members do not care much.

Your welcome letter can be an amalgamation of greetings and an introduction to the company – or even team members. Here is how one can be worded:


Welcome Letter to New Boss Joining


Sandra Quentin
Team Leader
The Panda Project
Tel: (000) 129-9655
Sandra @ email . com

September 20, 2016

Ms. May Welsh
Project Manager
480 Rite Avenue
Baltimore, MD 71030


Dear Ms. Welsh:

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you onboard WWF USA, as a project manager for The Panda Project. You have already been introduced to us by the human resource department in words that only describe you as the best! And The Panda Project Team looks forward to working with a professional with your reputation of competence.

As the team head, I would like to introduce you to the members who will be reporting to you directly. For this, I will set up an informal introductory meeting later in the day. During this meet, I will be providing you with heads up on how the project has faired up till now and what our base plans are for it, in order to acquaint you with the process. I am sure that under your guidance, we will be able to complete this in time and come out on top!

I am enclosing a copy of the Panda Post – a WWF publication that I am sure you are familiar with – for your reference. My team and I look forward to working with you.



Sandra Quentin