Work Completion Email to Boss

By | October 25, 2016

A proactive employee is usually a favorite employee! Doing your work on time and accurately is reflective of how well you work, and your commitment to the organization. Employers like it when their staff members keep in touch with them during and after an assignment or task has been completed. This shows them that you are consciences, and focused on meeting your deadlines.

So when you finish a task on the deadline, or even beforehand, it is best to write an email to your boss, to let him know the status of the project that you were entrusted with. Since an email is the easiest way of providing project status to your boss, it is best that you use this medium to contact him or her. What will you write in it? Start off by referring to the project – provide any details that you feel are necessary, and then inform your boss that the work entrusted to you has been completed and checked!

If the project is in an electronic format, do not forget to attach it to your email. After all, you might need feedback or be required to prove your claims of completing your work. If it is something that cannot be attached, request your boss to take out some time to review it – wherever it is placed. Need to look at an example? Here is one:


Work Completion Email to Boss


To: Robin Hurst

Subject: Project Aspire – Completed!


Dear Mr. Hurst:

Please refer to the attached completion report for Project Aspire. I have successfully managed to close the project within the provided deadline – the project is ready to go live!

As the project leader for Project Aspire, I came across a lot of challenges and roadblocks, but with a team as wonderful as the one that I had, we managed to bring it to fruition without too many setbacks. I am positive that once we implement it, the results will be positive – just as they were during the testing phase. To take the implementation forward, I would like to request a meeting where all members of the team can sit together and discuss logistics and constraints. I would appreciate it if you would go through the attached report and provide feedback, so if any changes are required, we can manage them immediately, and make Project Aspire live as soon as possible.

Thank you for your unrelenting support throughout – I am sure we would not have been able to deliver on time, had it not been for your guidance and backing throughout the difficult phases of this project.



Natasha Bollock
Project Lead
Project Aspire
The Environment Place
Tel: (444) 444-4444

Attached: Aspire Report.docx