Welcome Back from Vacation Email Sample

By | April 5, 2015

It is good manners to welcome back a colleague, a subordinate or a boss through an email when they return from a vacation. An email of this type gives you a chance to bond with the person you are writing to and welcome him / her back warmly. Being at the receiving end of a “welcome back from vacation email”, you will feel good about getting back to work and will be motivated to delve into your work duties with renewed energy.

A welcome back email is usually quite informally written. While you will need to maintain a professional poise, you do not need to use professional jargon. The point is to reach out to a member of your team who has just returned from a vacation and update him or her on what has happened at work while he / she was away.

Welcome back emails are simply written – they are friendly and to the point. To provide you with an example of how a welcome back email is written, refer below:

Welcome Back from Vacation Email Sample

Subject: Welcome Back!

Dear Belinda:

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you back from your extended vacations. Hawaii must have been beautiful at this time of the year and I am so glad that you could escape the gloomy North Dakota weather for a few weeks.

A lot has happened at work since you left. We got the Total Earth project and you were made the project manager. I am sure you must have received intimation from Mr. Sean Wayne, our supervisor. Apart from this, things were more or less quiet at work. We did receive an umpteen dozen calls from your client Mr. Jacob Nottingham but rest assured that he was dealt with quite professionally and he has no complaints. I have been assigned to work on Total Earth with you so I am assuming we will spend a lot of time together over the next few months.

I have taken two days off to attend the Green Peace Rally in Grand Forks so I will not be in when you report to work tomorrow. Of course, we will catch up on Wednesday. Please go through the folder I have put on your desk so that you can get acquainted with the project briefing. We will discuss my role at the end of this week.

Now that you are rejuvenated after spending some much needed time on Hawaiian beaches, let’s get back to some serious work. Welcome back.



Adam James
Project Officer
Green Earth
893 Tree Road
Devils Lake, ND