Sample Letter of Intent for Promotion

By | October 27, 2014

Letters of intent for promotion purposes are not much different from cover letters.

Both have the same aim – to sell your skills to a potential employer.


The difference in both lies in the situation that they both prevail in.

While a cover letter is usually written to a new employer, a letter of intent for promotion is written to an existing one.

People often get saturated working in the same capacity for years, and if you know that it is your time to move up, you should consider writing a letter of intent to your employer.

Here, you will highlight the skills and experience that make you eligible for a promotion and a subsequent pay raise.


You will also want to put some stress on what you have achieved in your present position and how this makes you a contender for a higher one.

Here is a sample letter of intent for promotion purposes that you can derive ideas from.


Sample Letter of Intent for Promotion Purposes


June 8, 2019

Mr. Cody Simpson
Marketing Director
Archer Daniels Midlands
47-12 Fleet Street
Attleboro, MA 02746


Dear Mr. Simpson:

I am presently working as a marketing representative under your supervision at Archer Daniels Midlands. The sales director of the company recently informed me of a promotion avenue (vacant position of marketing manager for Project XGo) for me within the marketing department, which he believes I am well-suited for.

Currently, I am involved in three of the company’s most important projects, Project Outthere being toa p priority. I have led this project in the capacity of a marketing manager due to the unavailability of one for this project specifically. During the first phase of the project, I have met our targets by 100% and have increased client base by a whopping 59%. I have also trained and led other marketing personnel for several marketing campaigns over the previous four years.

The work I do is quite fulfilling on its own, but I feel that I have much more to offer at a higher position. Since most of the work that I am performing at this point is managerial in nature, I believe that I can work in a more motivated manner if I actually hold a manager’s position; Project XGo is the perfect avenue for me to do this.

In December 2018, I completed a marketing course (BM-480-89) that Archer Daniels Midlands offered as an optional skills upgrade and received honors in it. I believe that this, coupled with my experience and polished skills, make me a compelling candidate for the position of a marketing manager. Also, I am familiar with the workings of the company so much time, and effort in training will be saved at your end.

I would love to meet with you and take this a step further. Please let me know when this is possible. Thank you very much for your consideration.



Gary Colder
Marketing Representative
Archer Daniels Midlands
Tel: (999) 999-999
Office Ext: 9092