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Sample Hardship Letter for Loan Modification

Most of us try to pay off our loans – whether mortgage or personal finance – as quickly as we can, or at least, pay the installments on time. But one never knows when one might not have a choice but to fall behind on a payment or two. If you are presently going through… Read More »

Personal Loan Application Letter Sample to Boss

Many companies provide options to their employees where they can ask for a personal loan amounting to a particular amount, depending on the salary amount that an employee is drawing. This option makes it easy for employees to handle their personal financial worries, without getting into the rigmarole of applying through a bank. Usually, organizations… Read More »

Example of a Loan Payoff Letter

Overview It is a great relief when you have finally managed to pay off that personal, home or car loan that had you strapped for many years. You can finally let go of the worry of having to pay a certain amount every month. However, you will need to manage things properly before you consider… Read More »

Motivation Letter for Home Loan Sample

Overview Motivation letters written for home loans are done so for one main reason – to convince the lending authority that you are creditworthy enough to be given a loan. While this too will be used to “cover” your loan application, you will not be providing information of you as a person, rather of how solid… Read More »

Personal Loan Commitment Letter Sample

A personal loan commitment letter is issued by the lender once a loan application is approved. The lender declares that he / she will indeed give you a loan amounting to a certain figure and for a certain period of time. Some terms and conditions are charted out in a personal loan commitment letter –… Read More »

Money Loan Agreement Letter Sample

A promissory note or an agreement must always be drawn before lending money to someone. Even if you are lending money to a friend or a family member whom you trust, it is better to agree to the terms on paper rather than get involved in disputes at a later time. A money loan agreement… Read More »

Sample Loan Application Letter to Boss

If it is a loan that you are looking for, you have many avenues that you can explore. You can apply for one at a local bank – preferably one where you hold an account – or you could ask your boss for one. Asking for an advance on a salary can be considered a… Read More »

Loan Application Letter Sample

Writing a loan application letter is the best way of obtaining a loan from your office or a bank. Depending on what type of loan you want, you need to provide specifics in your loan application letter. If you are looking for a mortgage or car loan, you will have to follow the instructions that… Read More »

Loan Repayment Letter Sample

Paying off a loan completely is a great source of relief for us. Once we have repaid a loan in full, we can rest assured that a huge chunk of our salary will remain intact from the next month onwards. If you have come into some money and want to repay your loan in full… Read More »

Free Personal Loan Agreement Sample Letter

A personal loan agreement letter is charted out for the purpose of laying down loan terms and conditions between a borrower and a lender. It includes information of both the borrower and lender along with specifications of how a loan is being offered and what terms it will be paid back on. Personal loans are… Read More »

Car Loan Letter Sample and Format

So you have seen that fancy sedan sitting in the car showroom on your way to work and contemplating how to go about being its owner? There is no need to fret! If you have good credit history and a steady job, you can always apply for a car loan to buy your dream car.… Read More »

Sample Employment Verification Letter for Home Loan

Proof of employment is often required by banks before they can process a home loan application. Banks need to know that the applicant is capable of paying the loan back – an employment verification letter helps in this. It is important for banks to have this letter as part of an applicant’s loan application as… Read More »