Motivation Letter for Home Loan Sample

By | January 27, 2016


Motivation letters written for home loans are done so for one main reason – to convince the lending authority that you are creditworthy enough to be given a loan. While this too will be used to “cover” your loan application, you will not be providing information of you as a person, rather of how solid a background you have which will make it easy for you to pay back the loan. So basically, a motivation letter in this sense is actually a letter of convincing.

In your letter of motivation, you will need to refer to the type of loan that you are applying for (home loan in this case), how much you need and how you intend to pay it back. Make sure that you sound convincing so that your application is taken in good light and processing time is decreased. You can write your own letter of motivation by following this example:


Motivation Letter for Home Loan Sample


January 27, 2016

Ms. Donna Nelson
Loan Officer
Hometown Lenders
9985 Layton Road
Laurel, DE 18898


Dear Ms. Nelson:

Thank you for taking out the time to explain the home loan procedure to me on Monday. As you instructed, I have filled out the loan application form and all enclosed other required documents, and submitting it with this letter of motivation.

I would like to request a home loan of $150,000 so that I can fulfil my dream of building my own house. I researched for home loans from banks and other lending authorities and have determined that the payback plans that Hometown Lenders is offering are the best in the industry.

At the moment, I am employed as a sales director at Rupert Media Solutions and have been working here for 5 years. Since I am a permanent employee, my employment status is stable, with an annual income of $147,333, with which I can easily pay back the loan within 3 years. Having checked my credit rating recently, I see that my credit score is good too. I have enclosed a breakdown of my monthly salary and contact information of my employer so that you can handle verifications easily.

Please consider my loan application as promptly as possible. If there are any further questions or details that you need, please feel free to contact me at (000) 333-3333.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Carl Green