Sample Loan Application Letter to Boss

By | January 12, 2015

If it is a loan that you are looking for, you have many avenues that you can explore. You can apply for one at a local bank – preferably one where you hold an account – or you could ask your boss for one. Asking for an advance on a salary can be considered a type of loan but the best way of going about asking for a loan is to check if your company has a loan policy.

Many companies provide loan privileges to their employees in which they can apply for loans up to a certain amount. A loan application needs to be handed in – a loan application to your boss should include why you are asking for a loan, how much you need and how you would pay it back. It is important to be clear when writing a loan application letter – you do not want your boss to think that you are asking for a loan to fulfill a nefarious desire so you must be articulate in your explanation.

Ask a human resource representative in your company how much you are eligible for and write a loan application letter to your boss. Below is a sample that you can follow:

Sample Loan Application Letter to Boss

January 12, 2015

Ms. Grace Kelly
Manager Research and Evaluation
Jack o Lantern
66 Park Road
Bradenton, FL 55562


Dear Ms. Kelly:

As you are aware, I am getting married by the end of February this year. Initially, I figured that I had all my expenses sorted out but unfortunately, some unexpected expenses have occurred – the chapel where my girlfriend and I were to be married will not be able to adjust our wedding and we have been left with no choice but to move the wedding to Orlando.

Moving the wedding so far away from Bradenton means a lot more expense on our part. Owing to this, I would like to apply for a loan so that I can manage the details of the wedding as I had planned. I have discussed loan options with Mr. Henry Pitt in the accounts office and he assures me that I can borrow up to $5000 if my immediate supervisor agrees. I have filled out the loan application form and enclosed it with this letter. Mr. Pitt advised that I have a part of my salary docked every month until this loan is paid off as opposed to giving the accounts office post-dated checks. He believes that this will help my case and I agree to do this.

I would appreciate a prompt response in this regard. The earlier these funds are released to me, the easier it will be for me to handle the details of my wedding on time. Thank you for your consideration.



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Gregory Bane
Research and Evaluation Officer
Jack o Lantern
Ext: 173