Personal Loan Application Letter Sample to Boss

By | May 20, 2016

Many companies provide options to their employees where they can ask for a personal loan amounting to a particular amount, depending on the salary amount that an employee is drawing. This option makes it easy for employees to handle their personal financial worries, without getting into the rigmarole of applying through a bank. Usually, organizations have preset forms that one needs to fill out when applying for a personal loan, but some companies may ask you to write a letter to your boss, asking for a personal loan.

In the latter case, you will need to be very tactful when writing a personal loan application letter. Firstly, determine if you are in the position to ask for a personal loan. Your human resource manager can help you figure this out by telling you if you qualify for a loan from your workplace. Once you have all the information that you need, you may proceed to writing the application letter.

How would you go about it? You will need to provide a valid reason for wanting a personal loan – this is the first thing. Next, you must provide proof of your eligibility and tell your boss how you intend to return the amount – and any interest that will accumulate over time. For your ease, here is a personal loan application letter sample that you can use.


Personal Loan Application Letter Sample to Boss


Arthur Carter
251 7th Street West, # 334 C
Riverhead, NY 82521
(000) 854-5252

May 20, 2016

Mr. Raymond Kruger
Director Marketing
Atlantic Auto Group
402 Brown Street
Riverhead, NY 87112


Dear Mr. Kruger:

In September this year, my eldest son will be joining Harvard University, a feat that he has worked very hard towards. Since he will be leaving in June, I need to collect enough funds to give him a head start. I am interested in availing the personal loan opportunity that Atlantic Auto Group provides to all its employees who have been working here for 2 years and more.

Having worked for Atlantic Auto Group for over 6 years now, I believe that I am eligible for this loan – I have contacted Ms. Gigi Harrison at the HR department and have confirmed this information as well. As per her calculations, I am entitled to apply for 5 times my monthly salary – I only require half of this amount.

I have filled out the loan application form that was provided to me by the HR department and attached it to this application. I anticipate a positive and prompt reply from you, so that I can handle my expenses accordingly.

Thank you for your consideration.



Arthur Carter
Marketing Manager
Atlantic Auto Group