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Vacation Request Letter to Employer

Working is important, but then so is taking breaks. Taking a vacation is your right, and when you feel burnt out, it is best to ask your employer to give you time off so that you can take a week or two for yourself. The easiest way of doing this is by writing a letter… Read More »

Child Visitation Request Letter Sample

After a family is split up in a divorce, they either have joint custody or end up where there is one custodial parent, and the other one has visitation rights. Sometimes, you want to take your child out on holiday or for lunch at a beautiful place, but your next scheduled visit is too far… Read More »

Sample Request Letter for Work Experience Certificate

In a perfect world, you receive a work experience certificate the moment your resignation was accepted. However, this is not a perfect world, and most employers do not hand over the certificate, until you request it through a formal and professional letter. Even though it is one’s right to receive an experience certificate, one has… Read More »

Request Letter for Restoration of Driver’s License

If your driver’s license has been revoked, suspended, or for any reason you’re without one, then you can simply write a request letter to restore it. In the letter, you have to convince the recipient, in most cases a judge, that you urgently need your driver’s license. Reasons could be that you need your car… Read More »

Sample Request Letter for Financial Assistance

At some point of their life or another, anybody can find themselves in need of financial assistance. It could be for any reason; to pay school or college dues, for a medical emergency, or to simply have a meal after days of hunger. The letter should have three basic parts; the first is where you… Read More »

Electricity Connection Transfer Request Letter Sample

If you’re moving, then it’s time for you to transfer your electricity connection to your new location. All you have to do is write a letter to the person in charge of your connection at the electric company. If you don’t know who that is, simply write, “To Whom It May Concern,” and it will… Read More »

Request Letter for New Electricity Connection

No one can imagine life without electricity anymore, not with all the important appliances, the humming of which in our house has become second nature. It might not be as basic as the need for food and water, though, but at least it comes a close second. There are thousands of everyday activities which are… Read More »

Hunting Permission Letter Sample

Hunting is considered a sport but this particular sport has many restrictions when it comes to obtaining permission. After all, you cannot hunt just anywhere (or anything). There are laws that govern where and what you can hunt and you have to abide by them. If there is a particular area where you want to… Read More »

Child Support Payment Request Letter Sample

Child support payments are sometimes hard to obtain from non-custodial parents who have little or no idea about how a custodial parent is handling the expenses associated with raising children. Upon separation or divorce, the court usually decides what amount needs to be paid to the custodial parent, and also charts out an effective payment… Read More »

Sample Letter of Request to Extend Deadline

Deadline orientation is something that all employers look for in an employee. If we can meet the deadlines given to us, we are usually considered great employees. And most of us do strive to meet our deadlines. However, we may not be able to do so every single time. Not being able to meet a… Read More »

Credit Card Cancellation Letter Sample

The world is quickly moving from paper money to card – credit and debit cards are swiftly taking over from their paper and metal counterparts and things promise to be much easier with “plastic”. However, many people believe that plastic is not the future of currency – and they hold on to their beliefs that… Read More »

Leave Request Email to Manager for Cousin Marriage

Most companies have procedures in place that govern how an employee can take time off. There is usually a form that you need to fill out in which you can just tick the appropriate box for your reason of leave. For companies that do not offer this privilege, you will need to write a request… Read More »