Child Visitation Request Letter Sample

After a family is split up in a divorce, they either have joint custody or end up where there is one custodial parent and the other one has visitation rights.

Sometimes, you want to take your child out on holiday or for lunch at a nice place, but your next scheduled visit is too far away. In that case, you can write a child-visitation request letter to the custodial parent, in which you have included details such as, time, date, and place(s) you will go.

You should also mention any activities that the other parent should know about; say if you’re going skydiving, not only will the custodial parent be legally required to know, you will have to have them sign a consent form.

Before you begin writing the letter, go ahead and check the laws of your state regarding child visitation, and see if there are any special conditions that you are required to follow. Here is a sample letter for your convenience:


Child Visitation Request Letter Sample


April 3, 2017

Ms. Linda Walker
Custodial Parent of Anna Hennessey,
3511 Patterson Fork Road
Chicago, IL 60607


Dear Linda:

This letter is to request permission to take Anna to a trip to my mother’s house in Washington, where we can stay for a week, and I can show her around the place and the monuments. Keeping in mind that she has been asking to go there, for more than three months, and as she plans to take American History as a subject in High School, this trip will prove to be good way for us to bond and for her to learn.

I plan on picking her up on Wednesday, April s, right after school, and taking her straight to the airport to fly to Washington. I will have her back to you by Sunday, April 11, 2017, at (time). I am enclosing the travel and stay itinerary, and flight information. Please make sure she has packed enough for a week’s journey, and that she brings her books she needs for her assignments. If she needs medication for anything, pack that as well. If you could make a list of everything to ensure she forgets nothing at her grandmother’s house, it would be a great help.

For the trip, I will be providing Anna a cell phone, so that she may be in contact with you whenever you two wish. You can call me if you have any questions or special instructions.


Warm regards,


Lloyd Hennessey

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