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Resignation Letter due to Health Issues

It is possible that when you have specific health issues, you could take some time off from work and maybe even have a paid vacation. However, if the situation is severe and you suffer from a terminal disease or a condition that makes you unfit to work, then there is no choice left but to… Read More »

Resignation Letter Due to Unsatisfactory Work Circumstances

“What should I do?”you ask yourself, as you contemplate your unsatisfactory work circumstances. Maybe the work you are doing now is not what you had signed up for in the first place, and maybe it no longer serves your growth and self-realization purposed, perhaps it is time to evolve and move onto a newer challenge.… Read More »

Resignation Letter Due to Death of Family Member

It does not matter what circumstances prevail – if you have to leave your job, you need to provide a written notice of your intent to leave the company. This is not only a courtesy – it also helps to mobilize your leaving documents and dues. If you up and leave without notice and then… Read More »

Resignation Announcement Email to Staff

So, someone has decided to go, and now everyone needs to know. Tidings ought to flow, And a farewell to throw! Pray let’s send off the bro, With a bottle of Bordeaux The best and most effective way to announce that someone has resigned is through a company-wide email. Here are some tips that can… Read More »