Resignation Announcement Email to Staff

By | December 11, 2016

So, someone has decided to go,
and now everyone needs to know.
Tidings ought to flow,
And a farewell to throw!
Pray let’s send off the bro,
With a bottle of Bordeaux

The best and most effective way to announce that someone has resigned is through a company-wide email. Here are some tips that can help you write such an email.

Refrain From Character Assassination
Now that a person has left your company, there is no need to make that person look bad. whether the person left on good or bad terms matters not, their performance throughout the time they worked with you does. A harsh line or two in the letter is okay only if that employee did something terrible to the company, otherwise it would be unethical.

Let The Risignee Write Something To Everyone
When people resign from work there is a lot left unsaid; things they could later on regret not having said. Give the person resigning an opportunity to write a few things in the email you’re sending everyone. If he or she is uninterested that’s alright. At least you tried.

Rolling With The Punch
Did the resignee have a significant impact on the workings of the company? If so, do announce any new policies or tactics in which you will handle the changes which are to occur, in the email. Regardless of the reason for someone leaving your company, adjusting to the situation can sometimes be daunting. This usually happens when someone with a senior position leaves, especially if there are unfinished projects they were in charge of. Make the transition easy on the company, and don’t let anyone have an excuse.

Resignation Announcement Email to Staff


Subject: Resignation Announcement: We’ll Miss the Ted Talks!


Dear Staff Members:

This email is to announce that Mr. John Ted (Operations Manager) has been resigned, and he will be leaving us in January. We hate to see him go after having made contributions aplenty to the company, for a solid ten years. I won’t disclose the reason for his resigning, but I will let him say a few words to you all:

“Nothing’s permanent, except change, and that time has come for me too. I want you all to know that I enjoyed working with every one of you. If there is anyone who is angry at me or whom I may have hurt, I ask your forgiveness. I wish you all good luck for the future. I’ve seen such potential in all of you. Some of you I will really miss and I hope they will miss me too. Adieu!” – John Ted

As you know Mr. Ted used to handle most of the interdepartmental communication, and kept the company whole. Now that he is leaving, I’ve appointed Ted’s secretary Helen for the job, until we can find a better alternative. Since she knows his methods the most, she’s the best choice for now. I want all the departments to be extra careful while conducting interdepartmental dialogue and work because, we don’t have Ted to make sure you don’t tear each other apart with misunderstandings.


Best regards,

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Alan Mercer