Sample Demand Letter for Money Owed

By | December 12, 2015


In this day and age, if you actually have a heart big enough to lend money to someone, you might just forget its return! You can’t? Well, then you need to contact the person and ask for your money back. Wait, what? You have already done that and it hasn’t worked? It is time to write a letter to the person who owes you money.

While a standard letter may not be considered evidence in a court of law, it can prove useful when you are trying to convince a judge that you asked for what was owed to you in writing. Writing a demand letter for money owed to you needs a little bit of thinking at your end. The tone of your letter must never be rude – even if you are in a rage about your money not being repaid, even after you have asked a million (not literally) times, you will need to be polite. Aggression begets aggression and you really don’t want to go down that road!

A demand letter simply needs to spell out that a certain amount of money is owed to you and that you would like to have it back. You must mention the amount so that your letter possesses a good amount of detail in it and can be used for reference purposes later.

For a demand letter for money owed, you may refer to the following sample:


Sample Demand Letter for Money Owed


Bernard Rios
2570 Cobblestone Lane
Westminster, CA 74553
Tel: (000) 222-2222

December 12, 2015

Mr. Jon Lane
2563 Cobblestone Lane
Westminster, CA 74553


Dear Mr. Lane:

This is with reference to a loan that I made to you, amounting $5000 on December 5, 2014, for a down payment for your new car. It was agreed at that time that you will be advancing $416 every month so that this loan is completely paid off in a year.

Please note that an entire year has passed and I have only received one payment from you on July 5, 2015, amounting to $416. And that too was obtained after numerous payment reminders. Since we have been neighbors for over a decade, I trusted you to return this amount as you had promised. However, after three weeks of calling you constantly (calls which you never picked up) and ringing your doorbell on more than one occasion (you are never home), I have been forced to write this letter.

Please provide me with a timeline during which you can return the entire $4584 that you now owe me. I would appreciate a prompt response from you.



Bernard Rios