Classroom Holiday Party Letter to Parents (Sample 2)

By | December 20, 2015

End of year / term parties are all the rage nowadays. Most schools mark the beginning of holidays with a celebration – exams are over and done with and it is time to celebrate for both students and teachers who have spent some pretty harrowing months studying and teaching! But wait! You cannot organize a party without first announcing it to the students’ parents.

A classroom holiday party letter needs to be written to the parents to inform them about the event and the logistics. This may include providing details such as date, time and venue and information on what needs to be brought to the party – like food and decorations.

Classroom parties are usually organized within school hours but you will still need to write that letter. You letter should be sent to parents as a whole – a Dear Parents salutation will suffice – and should be professionally written. Since this will probably be your last communication with parents before the beginning of the next term, you might include information of holidays and when the school reopens. A letter of this sort may be written by either the teacher or the principal, depending on the protocols of the school in question.

Following is a classroom holiday party letter to parents written by the principal of the school:


Classroom Holiday Party Letter to Parents


December 20, 2015

Re: Classroom Holiday Party

Dear Parents:

As winter break nears, we would like to say goodbye to this academic year by throwing a holiday party! The students of grades 1 to 5 have been busy planning the specifics of their class parties for weeks and they are now ready to put their ideas on display.

Please refer to details below:

Venue: School Amphitheater
Date: Monday, January 4, 2016
Time: 10 am to 1 pm

No party is fun without food, so we have asked each student to bring two items with them to share with their friends. Your child is required to bring six sandwiches and six small packs of juice. If your child is allergic to any food item, please inform the class teacher at least 2 days before the party.

Please note that students are to be picked up at 1 pm sharp as the school will close for winter holidays soon after. If you have any questions regarding the class party or the winter break, please feel free to contact the school office at (111) 111-1111.

We wish you happy holidays!



Geraldine Pine
Fredrick Educational Project
35 Shafers Mill Road
Fredrick, MD 82736