Sample Letter of Concern to a Friend

By | December 13, 2014

Good friends are like family; when something happens to a friend, we automatically sit up and take notice. It is not necessary that a friend is in imminent physical danger for you to want to express your concern for her. If you feel that your friend is going through an emotional trauma like depression due to work or family member loss, you must attempt to cheer her up.

Writing a letter of concern is the best way of expressing your will to be with your friend in her distressing times, especially if you live in another city or country. Letters of this type add a familiar and personal touch to your concern (something that an email may not be able to do) which is why writing one is a good idea if you are apprehensive about your friend’s condition.

Here is a sample letter that you can derive ideas from:


Sample Letter of Concern to a Friend


December 12, 2014

Susan Miller
65 Roslyn Avenue
Bradenton, FL 76211


Dear Susan:

I have been worried about you for some time owing to the fact that you have not been keeping in touch with any of your friends lately. Since this is very unlike you, I took the liberty of calling our mutual friends Megan and Kimberly who were thinking along the same lines as I have been.

Through a source which I cannot mention here, I discovered that you have been borrowing money from several people. While it is not my business, I am actually quite worried as the amount of debt that you are seemingly in now is quite alarming. Megan, Kimberly and I met for coffee three days ago and mutually decided to ask you outright if you are in any trouble financially and if we can somehow help alleviate your worries.

I understand that you have been quite worried about your job as the company you are working for is in the process of downsizing its employees. I want you to know that if such an event does occur, you are welcome to join me in selling Avon products which is a great way to supplement income. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do to help you through this difficult time or to provide you with a backup in case you are in some kind of trouble.

I hope that you will read this letter in positive light and get back to me immediately.



Hannah Wilde
Tel: (222) 222-2222