Sample Letter of Concern to Principal

By | December 13, 2014

Letters of concern to school principals are quite the norm now with much disquiet on the part of parents regarding nefarious activities going on in school premises. Sometimes, parents find out about such activities faster than a school management because they are always on a one-on-one basis with their children. In such an event, it is important to write a letter of concern to the principal and voice your distress.

A letter of concern can be written for many reasons. You may have come across something dangerous in the school grounds such as a perilous ride which is not age-appropriate for your child or another child who may be having a bad influence on your child. Any of these situations warrant a letter to the principal to voice your concerns.

It is vital for a letter of concern to be carefully worded. You need to make your concern about an incident obvious and you also need to make sure that your child is spared any backlash from the school authorities or the offending party. Below is a sample letter of concern from a parent to a principal that you can take ideas from:


Sample Letter of Concern to Principal


December 12, 2014


Ms. Tamara Hedgestone
Bradenton High School
9112 Windmill Boulevard
Bradenton, FL 32781


Dear Ms. Hedgestone:

My son Derrick Gordon who is a Grade 9 student at Bradenton High School has brought something quite alarming to my attention and I would like to bring the same to your notice.

It seems as if some boys in Grade 9 have been successful in bringing drugs to school which is a great cause for concern for us. Derrick mentioned that he was once forced into a situation when two of his classmates held him down while one made him sniff a suspicious looking white powder. He is reluctant to mention the names of his perpetrators but he is extremely upset about the incident that took place and this is affecting how he looks at school and studies now. Every morning, it takes all his energy to prepare himself for school as he feels he may be subjected to this abuse again.

Since Derrick refuses to take names for fear of backlash, I am requesting you to look into this matter on an immediate basis and take appropriate action against the offenders. My son has been part of Bradenton Schools ever since he was a toddler and I have never had an opportunity to complain. However, at this point in time, I fear for the physical and emotional wellbeing of my son and have been forced to bring this to your notice.

I appreciate you taking out the time to read this and anticipate a prompt action in this regard. Thank you very much.



Gordon Ramsey
51 New Ave
Bradenton, FL 32001
Tel: (222) 222-2222