House Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

By | January 2, 2015


Your cover letter for house cleaner resume needs to highlight your expertise in cleaning tasks while adhering to safe practices. You need to mention how much your are skilled and what you have achieved professionally. Once you have written this information, you do not need to worry about writing a good cover letter!

One thing that you need to make sure that do not reiterate the information written in your your resume. Your resume and cover letter are two different things and you will gain different benefits from each. Your cover letter should detail why you will be able to do for prospective employer.

In your cover letter, you should be able to pinpoint skills that are relevant to the job including knowledge of cleaning products and the ability to define specific uses of cleaning products. These will act as interest generating statements and will definitely force a potential employer to pick up the accompanying resume.

House Cleaner Cover Letter Sample


Simon Cowell
232 North Street
Columbus, MT 53696
(000) 141-5454
simon @ email . com

February 4, 2016

Mr. Henry Clarke
Manager Human Resources
Pazeto Cleaning Services
812 Joe Hill Creek Road
Columbus, MT 52638


Dear Mr. Clarke:

I offer 7+ years of experience working as a residential and commercial Cleaner and I believe that I have covered both arenas completely and will be a definite asset to you.

As a self-starting individual, I am competent at performing all kinds of cleaning and sanitation tasks both inside and outside buildings. Particularly, I am well-versed in mixing and using cleaning chemicals in a safe manner and have a track record of maintaining excellence in cleaning service. I am reliable and efficient and will not give you cause for complaint.

Thank you for your time in reviewing my application. I will call you after the weekend to determine if a mutually convenient time can be arranged to meet. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 141-5454.



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Simon Cowell