Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

By | March 4, 2015

Receptionist cover letter writing is not a difficult task if it is planned properly. In order to write a compelling cover letter for a receptionist position, it is important to understand prospective employer’s needs and the culture of the organization. After getting this information, you will easily be able to relate your qualifications and talents to the requirements.

Opening and closing of a cover letter is very important. The opening and closing of your letter effect the employer’s decision greatly. Put some extra effort to make your letter’s opening appealing and ending convincing.


Receptionist Cover Letter Sample


Julia Andrew
520 Park Lane
Houston, TX 54001
(000) 999-0000
julia @ email . com

May 12, 2016

Mr. John Doe
Hiring Manager
Bright Horizons
312 West Street
Houston, TX 54201


Dear Mr. Doe:

As a passionate, skilled and experienced Receptionist with a successful track record of managing the clerical and front desk work, I am confident in my ability to make a positive contribution to Bright Horizons.

As mentioned in my resume, I have a track record of efficiently operating multiple lines phone and transferring calls. In addition, my good customer service skills render me to greet visitors pleasantly and make them feel comfortable while they are in waiting area. My administrative abilities help me maintain a well-organized record of everything, from appointments to other statistical data.

My talents, expertise and enthusiasm for doing quality reception work would be a positive addition to your organization. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss the possibility of joining your team as a Receptionist. I’ll contact you after one week to schedule a meeting. If required, please feel free to call or e-mail me.

Thank you for your consideration.



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Julia Andrew

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