Packer Cover Letter Sample

By | December 25, 2014

Most employers ask for a cover letter along with a packer resume for jobs these days. In fact, they want to get a better insight into the candidate’s qualifications and competencies.

If you are applying for a packer job and are required to come up with a cover letter, below are two golden rules that can take your cover letter from the ordinary to extra ordinary level.

● Personal Value: While writing a cover letter, place the focus on your personal value since your resume can not do that. Relate your candidacy with the position in question.

● A little bit extra: Determine a few traits of your candidacy that can help you stand out of the crowd. What special needs of the employing firm can you cater for? First find out their requirements and then address the same directly.

Following is a well written cover letter sample for your guidance.

Packer Cover Letter Sample


Daniel Fielder

781 Wesley Ave • Chicago, IL 89003 • (004) 555-6666 • daniel @ email . com

December 25, 2014

Mr. Jason Ronald
HR Manager
89 Harley Lane
Chicago, IL 89003


Dear Mr. Ronald

Hands-on experience in picking and packing, extensive knowledge of safe packaging instructions and proficiency in box assembly and material cushioning are the essential assets I would bring in the role of a packer at BERRY PLASTICS CORPORATION.

My proficiency in inspecting testing and packing various products along with excellent eye hand coordination renders me highly suitable for this position. You will also find my skills in binding and sealing cartons and affixing shipment labels more than satisfactory.

Some of my professional achievements are highlighted below:

✔ Conceived and designed an innovative carton shape for packing at Frito-Lays, which reduced packing cost by 60% while enhancing the safety of packaging by 40%

✔ Devised an automated inventory keeping mechanism ensuring 100% availability of packaging material at all times

✔ Implemented safe and foolproof quality and quantity check procedures which led to a 30% enhancement in customer satisfaction

✔ Independently set up 3 stations for receiving and packaging material

Being a proven team player with demonstrated ability to work and interact with all levels of management, I get along very well with my colleagues and I believe I will readily settle in with the dedicated team of packers and retailers at Berry’s Plastic Corporation.

I cannot wait to start working for your firm through demonstration of high quality packing and inspection services. Please call me now to set up an interview date and time. I will follow up this application coming Friday.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Daniel Fielder

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