Letter of Eviction to Tenant (Sample)

By | December 25, 2014

Evicting a tenant is not a pleasant job but you may have no choice but to do this if your tenant is not paying rent on time or has damaged your property. You cannot simply send in a note saying “leave my property” – you will need to pen down a letter of eviction that states why you want the tenant to leave your property and how long he has to do it.

Without sending in a proper letter of eviction, you may be violating the law; if you want that your tenant should leave the premises that he is renting from you, you need to give him some notice which can only be done through a letter. Letters of eviction form a basis for lawsuits so this is one step you simply cannot miss out if your tenant is giving you trouble and you intend to take him to court for it.

Letters of eviction should be simply written. Just state the reason why a landlord has decided to ask a tenant to leave, how much time the tenant has and any other formalities that may need to be taken care of which may have been part of the tenancy contract signed by both parties. Here is a sample you can follow when writing one:

Sample Letter of Eviction to Tenant

December 25, 2014

Mr. Andrew Mathews
782 Sandy Lane
Salt Lake City, UT 82736


Dear Mr. Mathews:

This is a formal notice of eviction of 782 Sandy Lane, Salt Lake City, UT. As per the terms described by our tenancy contract dated December 1, 2011, you have failed to pay rent for four months amounting to $1582. A copy of the said rent agreement (duly signed by you) is attached herewith for your reference.

Despite serving you several telephone and written reminders since September 2014, you have not responded which is in direct violation of the agreement set between us. During my last inspection of the property, I noticed much of it in disrepair which is not the condition in which it was handed over to you. Please ensure that appropriate repairs are carried out before this notice period expires.

You are required to hand over the house to me by January 15, 2015 in the same condition it was handed over to you. Failure in doing so will leave me no choice but to initiate a lawsuit against you. As per the tenancy agreement, I am adjusting the rent that you owe with the security money you paid at the signing of this agreement.




Daryl Cartrip
Tel: (111) 111-1111