Get Well Soon Letter Sample

By | June 7, 2019

Sickness is inevitable. All of us become unwell at some point or another in our lives (some more than others), so we all know the misery associated with illnesses.

At a distressing time like this, a get well soon letter from friends, family, co-workers or employers can make all the difference in how one feels.


A get well soon letter is mostly an informal document written to someone who may be under the weather – an illness or an accident are usually two occasions that warrant get well soon letters.

What do get well soon letters include?

There is much content that you can write in a get well soon letter depending on your relationship with the person you are writing it for

If you are writing to a friend, you can be as informal as you want to. However, if you are writing to a coworker, you may need to choose your words a little carefully.

Make sure that you have your facts about the accident or illness correct and then begin the letter through a proper salutation.


Here is an example of a get well soon letter which you may take ideas to write your own.


Get Well Soon Letter Sample


Dear Adam,

I am very sorry to hear that you have had to be hospitalized due to a ruptured appendix. It must be quite a harrowing experience for you, and my heart goes out to you and your family in this difficult time.

I understand that hospitals are not the most fun of places, but I have heard great things about Haley Medical Hospital, and I am sure you are well looked after. However, a hospital is a hospital; people at the oddest of hours may visit you, and the food is probably not as great as you would like it to be. But the good thing is that you are on the road to recovery and will be home very soon.

While you have been away, all of us at the office have missed you immensely. Work is not as much fun as it was with you, and we are all praying hard for you to recover fully and return to work soon. I understand that you may not be entirely up to visitors so I will call before I visit you to find out what time is suitable.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you while you are indisposed. I will be happy to be of any assistance.

Get well soon!


Sincere regards,


James Hamilton