Accident Settlement Letter Sample

By | October 27, 2014

Accidents happen all the time as do subsequent settlements.

At the time of a crash, one seldom thinks of the settlement, but later on, one needs to consider how to go about settling the matter.


If there has been an accident, compensation is a given!

The foremost thing to do when settling a matter regarding an accident is to write a letter to the person who is responsible for the accident.

By sending in a formal letter, you are paving the way for subsequent correspondence with the perpetrator which will eventually lead to you being compensated in full.

A letter of this type usually consists of the following information:


  • Details of the accident – how and when it happened (provide date and time)
  • Information about loss or damage to self or property
  • Amount detailing the costs of repairs or medical bills.

Once you have all this in front of you, it will be easy to write an accident settlement letter.

Depending on the perpetrator, you may be paid in cash on a one-on-one basis or be referred to an insurance company of whom he is the client of.

Either way, you will be provided with what you want – a settlement and possible compensation.


Accident Settlement Letter Example


June 8, 2019

Mr. Quentin Cross
562 Jose Lane
Justin, TX 62011


Dear Mr. Cross:

I was seriously injured in a car accident caused by your erratic driving on the evening of June 5 on Kings Cross Street at 7 PM. The evidence of the CCTV footage at the corner store and proof from passerby clearly indicates your negligence in taking precautions while crossing a busy intersection when it was the pedestrian right of way.

Please be advised that I was subjected to a seven-hour long surgery that was needed to reconstruct my intestines, which were twisted owing to the impact of your car in my abdomen. I have been under severe mental and physical trauma since then and have been unable to work my usual 40 hours a week.

This incident has put a sizeable dent in my income; my insurance did not cover my hospital bills completely, which is why I had many out-of-pocket expenses. Please refer to the breakdown of expenses that have incurred:

Surgery – $1800
Hospital Stay – $1100
Income loss – $2500
Miscellaneous: $300
Total: $5700

Please arrange to have this amount paid to me within 14 days of the receipt of this letter. If this is to be paid through your insurance, please provide me with details of your account and coverage.

Thank you.



Bill Cosby
88 Hillview Street
Justin, TX 72928
(000) 999-9999