Waiter Recommendation Letter Sample

By | June 23, 2014

The first thing that you need to do when leaving your waiter job is to request your employer for a recommendation letter.

This document will pave the way for a new waiting or food service position that you may apply for in the future.


The world the way it is, trust issues are a significant problem for employers and a recommendation letter can go a long way in smoothing this out.

As the foodservice industry has a very high turnover rate with many food service personnel looking for better opportunities.

The following sample recommendation letter will let you know how one is written for a waiter position.



Waiter Recommendation Letter Example


June 7, 2019


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to recommend Nick Nicholson who worked at AAA Restaurant since 2014 as a valuable part of our food service team. He was a great addition to the team since his very first day as he brought both liveliness and professionalism to the restaurant. While he was not an expert waiter eight years ago, he showed immense potential and learned the food service protocols very quickly.

We received many compliments from the patrons who have affectionately coined many names for him such as ‘Mr. Efficient’ and ‘Flash’ which signify his dedication towards work. As far as food service is concerned, he knows his job inside out and has even filled in for our head chef in times of emergency.

During his tenure at AAA Restaurant, he has not just cooked and served but has also been a key player in many catering events. His banquet management skills are exceptional that is why managers often asked him to handle banquet outsourcing without supervision.

It was entirely a surprise to find out that Nick could not work for us anymore, but we are happy that his talent will be used in perhaps a more prominent setting now and wish him the very best for all his future endeavors. I recommend him wholeheartedly for a waiter position anywhere he chooses to go. Please call me at the numbers below if you have any questions that you may need to be answered about Nick and his accomplishments.




Paul Newman
(F & B Manager)
AAA Restaurant
(444) 444-4444