Apology Letter to Boss for Absence

By | March 12, 2015

Absence from work is not considered a problem unless you have taken time off without informing your boss. But if this is exactly what you have done, it is time to apologize to him. Writing a letter to your employer to apologize for not informing him about your absence is the best way of getting through to him. Saying the same thing over the telephone might not make a good impact – a letter will.

Your main motivation behind writing an apology letter to your boss is to mend the situation that transpired because you did not inform him of your absence earlier. In such a case, the tone of your letter should be written bearing official dictum in mind

The reason why you were absent without informing your boss can be anything – most likely, it will be a personal problem that kept you from attending office. But if you want your boss to understand why you were absent without notice, you need to tell him the reason. You may not want to divulge the details though so keep your letter short and to the point.

The following apology letter can give you ideas so that you can write your own.

Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Absence


March 12, 2015

Mr. Raymond Farse
Project Manager
Cambrian Incorporated
65 Scurry Road
Columbia, SC 82773


Dear Mr. Farse:

I am extremely sorry for missing work for three days, without informing you. Last Monday, I found myself in a situation in which there was no way I could call in and let you know that I will be absent from work.

On way home from work on Monday evening, I lost control of my car and hit a tree on the intersection of Hatfield Street and Windover Street. I was rendered unconscious and was taken to the hospital where I received 12 stiches on my forehead and my right arm was put in a sling. While I gained consciousness some hours later, it wasn’t until yesterday that I was released from the hospital. Due to the effects of painkillers and IVs, I was quite disoriented and did not realize that I had not informed you about the accident.

I understand that a lot is depending on my work as far as Project Maine is concerned and I am truly sorry that you have had to bear the burden of it solely. I am hoping to be back on my feet by this Tuesday and should be able to report back to work. I will keep you in the loop now.

I apologize once more for not informing you about my absence and assure you that I will be more conscientious from now. Thank you for understanding my predicament.



Martin King
Project Officer
Ext: 6521