Sample Letter to HR Manager to Downsize Redundant Staff

By | December 4, 2014

Corporate layoffs are very common in these years of global recession and hundreds of employees lose their jobs every year. Deciding which employees will go and which will survive the downsizing is often a difficult, sometimes emotionally taxing work but it needs to be done if your company is not able to move forward because of expenses.

The first person who finds out about a possible downsizing is the HR director; HR is usually the first department that gets wind of an impending downsizing by the company owners or directors. The HR department is provided notice of the company’s decision to lay off employees; at times, the directors already have a list of employees that they want to downsize and sometimes they ask HR to provide them with a possible list of employees that can be deemed redundant.

A sample letter to an HR manager regarding downsizing redundant staff is given below if you are stumped for ideas on what to write in one.


Sample Letter to HR Manager to Downsize Redundant Staff


December 4, 2014


Mr. Robert Clooney
Manager (Human Resources)
GE Corporate
89 Quail Road
West Lebanon, NH

Dear Mr. Clooney:

It is unfortunate that GE Corporate is now part of the list of companies downsizing their staff in the wake of global recession. However, we need to stay afloat in the industry and have to take some necessary steps to ensure that we are not pushed into oblivion.

As we discussed in the meeting held at my office on December 1, 2014, the need to downsize redundant staff is eminent now. We have no choice but to lay off a huge chunk of our employees across the marketing and sales departments. I have been going through job descriptions of the 25 employees that I have shortlisted for the layoff and I see a lot of redundancies in their job duties; one employee is pretty much doing many of the tasks that another one is doing as well.

I have enclosed the list of these 25 employees and would like you to take out some time to dig out their contracts for me to look over so I can give the go-ahead for the actual downsizing. At your end, I would appreciate it if you would create new or modify existing SOPs for this layoff so that the process remains smooth.

If you have any suggestions regarding this downsizing, please feel free to discuss them with me.




Todd Belvin
CEO, GE Corporate
89 Quail Road
West Lebanon, NH
Tel: (333) 333-3333