Insurance Claim Letter for Car Accident

By | February 13, 2015

Once you have recovered from the shock of being part of a vehicular accident, the first thing you need to do is to write a claim letter to the insurance company of the perpetrator. Your letter should be addressed to the claims adjuster and should provide details of how the accident happened, where it happened and what injuries and damages were inflicted on you and your car respectively.

The choice of words in an insurance claim letter make all the difference in it being accepted and paid or rejected. You might need to use words that are more pungent in nature than their “mellow” counterparts. Instead of using the word “hit” use something more powerful such as “slammed into”. This will give the adjuster a clearer picture of what happened and how much you have suffered.

If it is only vehicular harm that you want to bring up, make sure that you provide each detail. How was the car hit? What broke? What repairs are needed? How much will these repairs cost? Answering all these will help you decide what to write in your insurance claim letter. On the other hand, if there was bodily harm involved, you may need to provide details of injuries and hospital stay.

Below is a sample insurance claim letter that you can take ideas from:


Insurance Claim Letter for Car Accident


February 13, 2015

Mr. Tony Smith
Claims Adjuster
National Insurance Company
2 Clubview Road
Oxford, MS 71635


Dear Mr. Smith:

On January 22, 2015, I was affected by a car accident with your insured Mr. Isaac Brayden on the corner of Northpointe Drive and Counterpointe Drive. Mr. Brayden had not conformed to the speed limit and did not slow down when he reached the intersection.

Since my car was coming from Mr. Brayden’s right, I had the right of way, a fact that he happened to ignore at that time. Due to the high speed on which his car hit mine, the impact was immense and it made my car take an entire 180 degrees turn.

Miraculously, Mr. Brayden’s car has a mere dent on his fender while mine is completely smashed from the left – the fender has come off, the left front tire rim is damaged and the left door tore off from the body of the car. In addition to this, I suffered terrible bruises on my upper body and whiplash that lasted ten days. My hospital bill has escalated to a point where my own insurance carrier does not cover it. Please refer to the enclosed hospital bill and a report from my doctor.

I have also enclosed a list of repairs that are needed on my car. The total of both these bills amount to $4378 which I believe is an equitable settlement amount, not considering lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses. I would appreciate it if you would arrange to have this amount paid to me as soon as possible to save me from further anguish.

Thank you,



Gabriel Ivaan
67 Phillip Road
Oxford, MS 38672