Car Accident Claim Letter to Insurance

By | October 27, 2014

After a car accident, it is important to notify all parties concerned which include your own insurance carrier, the insurance carrier of the perpetrator and the perpetrator himself.

The sooner you notify them, the better it is! You will argue that it might be physically impossible for you to notify anyone if you have been injured in a car accident – if you are unable to do it yourself, ask a legal representative to do so.


When you write a claim letter, the best thing to do is to write clearly and concisely.

A claim letter will be written to an insurance carrier primarily – you may want to send a copy to the perpetrator or write a separate one to him depending on what situation prevails.

A claim letter does not necessarily need to possess details of how severely you were injured or how terribly your car was damaged although you will need to provide some information regarding both.

A letter of this sort is sent by registered mail so that you know when it has been delivered. It is crucial because a time frame for replies is usually given in a letter such as this and you need to have a date through which you will calculate the deadline.



Sample Car Accident Claim Letter to Insurance


June 8, 2019

Mr. Kyle Wordsworth
Claims Adjuster
All Risk Insurance Coverage
90 Baxter Springs Road
Justin, TX 76523

Subject: Car Accident Claim Settlement

Dear Mr. Wordsworth:

I was injured in a car accident on the night of June 2 by your insured Mr. Mathew Perry, who holds policy # 738-ARIC-2 with All Risk Insurance Coverage. I had stopped at a red light on the intersection of Carolina Ridgeway and Woodside Avenue when your client slammed into the back of my car, causing me to slam into the truck in front of me.

Resulting from both these collisions, I was first thrown back due to the force of the blow from Mr. Perry’s car and then forwards from the crash with the truck. Owing to this, I have severe whiplash, and both my wrists are sprained. My car has been totaled from both ends; while the owner of the truck is not asking me for compensation since it was not my fault, I am still at a loss since my car cannot be driven anymore.

Here is a list of expenses that will occur on my car only:

  • Rear fender and lights need to be replaced ($750)
  • Rear windshield needs replacement ($200)
  • Front grill and hood need to be repaired ($880)

This list does not include my medical expenses because my primary insurance carrier has been kind enough to handle the bills. However, my car insurance does not cover repairs of this magnitude, so it is up to you as Mr. Perry’s insurance carrier to have this paid to me within 14 days of the issue of this letter. Prompt action from your end will be appreciated.

Thank you very much.




Gregory Peck
53 Alms Lane
Justin, TX 62823
Tel: (777) 777-7777